pro|gramme1 W1S1 BrE program AmE [ˈprəugræm US ˈprou-] n
6¦(list of events)¦
1.) ¦(PLAN)¦
a series of actions which are designed to achieve something important
the US space program
programme to do sth
a United Nations programme to control the spread of AIDS
programme of
a programme of economic reforms
something that you watch on television or listen to on the radio
What's your favourite television programme ?
news and current affairs programmes
programme about/on
There's a programme about killer whales next.
see/watch a programme
AmE a course of study
Stanford University's MBA program
a research program
actions that have been planned to keep something in good condition or improve something
a new fitness programme
a small book or piece of paper that gives information about a play, concert etc and who the performers are
a theatre programme
a series of planned activities or events, or a list showing what order they will come in
programme for
What's the programme for tomorrow?
programme of
a programme of exhibitions throughout the year
7.) ¦(MACHINE)¦
a series of actions done in a particular order by a machine such as a washing machine
The light goes off when it finishes the programme.
programme 2
programme2 BrE program AmE v [T]
1.) to set a machine to operate in a particular way
programme sth to do sth
I've programmed the video to come on at ten.
2.) be programmed
if a person or animal is programmed socially or biologically to do something, they do it without thinking
be programmed to do sth
All birds of this species are programmed to build their nests in the same way.
3.) to arrange for something to happen as part of a series of planned events or activities
What's programmed for this afternoon?

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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